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    • Hello Bridgitte

      Is this for a patio?

      If you wish to install the rock it is $4.50 a sq.ft and would calculate up to $3,600.00

      If you wish for us to install it – it is $10 a sq. ft. Which calculate to $8000.00. This includes the all rock, base, and labour- complete finish.

      Our rock is volcanic from the Canadian Shield. It will be break down, it does not lose its natural color, it is reuse able, recycle able and lasts a life time.

      Thank you for your interest

  1. Hi Ken –Sorry for the short notice but they moved up the start date on us and I wont complain . I will send you photos re our project . thanks for your patience with our reno and work schedules . My deck guys are planning a demolition of the old deck on Monday . If you are available and you can come by and coordinate any prep work that you would prefer done and would fit in with their construction anytime this weekend or on Monday that would be great. Nadia is home all weekend cell 204-803-8782 . i’m not available until Sunday afternoon . We ( my boys and I ) are planning to remove all the patio stones on Sunday . My deck guys are Calvin and Trevor at Blue Chip Decks . Please feel free to contact them to help coordinate things . thanks B

  2. Hi,
    I was looking for something for under our summer pool and then could be a deck the rest of the year. How much would it be to make a 17 to 18 foot round deck?

    • HI Leanne

      Depending on which colour you pick – rock it self is $5 to $7 dollars a sq ft. So say for example 18 ft round is approximately 285 sq ft.

      Reds and Blues are $5 and black and silver are $7 / a sq ft.

      If you want us to do the full install (rock $5 and install $5 a sq ft) it would be $10 a sq ft x 285 $2850 – red or blue or $12 x 285 = $3420 for silver or black This includes everything.

      If you wish to lay the rock yourself – it is just the $5 or $7 – again depending on the colour. ($5 x 285= $1425 or $7 x 285= $1995)

      The rock will last a lifetime. It is mined in Manitoba from the Canadian Shield.

      Hope this helps

  3. I need help!! we have a zero maintenance front yard with some boulders. We are thinking of creating a broken down old wall into a mound we have in the yard. Its suppose to look like a dry river bed. If i bring photos can you guys give us some ideas?

    • Of course. You can come by the yard at 43 Cordite Road anytime from 10-5 weekdays, Sat 10-4 or Sun 12-4.

      Ken can help with whatever look you are trying to achieve.

      Thank you

  4. Do you have any colour river rock (rounded / more granite content than plain limestone?). If not, do u know where I could find some – need about 6 yards

    • Hello Maggie

      We do not carry river Rock or aggregates. But either Reimer Soils or Ron Pauls garden centre would be reasonable priced aggregates. If you are looking for colorful – you might want a crushed granite if your looking for color. Otherwise they both have Riverrock.

      We only carry all natural, mined in Manitoba – boulders, flagstone for patios, walkways, pools, walls and retaining walls

      Hope this helps
      Thank you

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